Our mission

STRATEGYZ imagines, designs, supports the implementation and manages Data projects for major organizations in their market, with a tailor-made methodology and proven expertise in the Data Value Chain.

STRATEGYZ‘ mission is to support organizations in taking advantage of their Data and progress in AI to help them challenge their market, their value chain and their processes, and achieve their economic, social and societal objectives.

Our Values

  • Client-Controlled Costs

We understand that every client has unique needs. That's why our team of professionals is dedicated to being flexible and delivering exceptional value for every dollar spent. Trust us to provide you with the service you deserve.

  • Risk Reduction

Our team of experienced analysts, data scientists, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified specialists will plan all processes to protect your interests. As a client, you will always receive high-quality services on time.

  • Innovation & Growth

At STRATEGYZ, we foster creativity and embrace cutting-edge tech to drive innovation in software development. Our team is trained to provide tech services of any complexity.

  • Short Time-to-Market

You can focus on your core business and avoid extra expenses on hiring new staff. STRATEGYZ will do the hard work without additional burden on the client’s business.

Our CSR commitments

As an “Enterprise à Mission”, Awareness of our social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of the group’s strategy, and we are implementing actions to engage all employees and the communities we lead in this approach.

This is an individual will and not a response to obligations required within a legislative framework.

Being a responsible and socially engaged actor is obvious to us!

Led by the CSR Department in conjunction with the Management Committee, the CSR strategy permeates the entire Group and its subsidiaries by relying on cross-functional functions and DATA expertise.

The Human Resources Department, along with the Communications Department, has the ambition to develop a corporate culture committed to the future.

Finally, each of our brands deploys initiatives on its own scale to contribute to the group’s CSR strategy while personalizing its actions according to its sector and communities.

At STRATEGYZ, we are convinced that the collective is a strength and diversity is a wealth.

It is in this spirit that we are undertaking our CSR approach, which is structured around 3 pillars :

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Reduce the gap between its economic actors (SMEs) and impact Investing funds

The crucial challenge to SME suppliers pursuing sustainability strategies is the lack of financing, which impact investing, a new financial innovation, promises to address. SMEs encounter significant barriers to implementing their sustainability strategies due to a lack of long-term funding at reasonable repayment rates, especially in agro-industrial sectors (UNCTAD, 2023)

Acting in favor of impact measurement

Because impact measurement is both a necessary requirement and a real challenge when it comes to compiling relevant reports on the various environmental and social impacts of our investments, we have chosen to develop both qualitative and quantitative indicators:

Develop a corporate culture committed to the future

Our international dimension offers us a great diversity of profiles, the richness of which we cultivate by developing a corporate culture focused on openness, solidarity and sharing.